5 Rare Reasons Why Women Live Longer

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A study published in the journal Immunity & Ageing suggests that the reason women live longer than men is because of their immune systems age more slowly.

Female longevity!

Although this is not the only reason why women live longer than men, here we tell you more – discover them!

1. They have stronger social bonds. A study published by Brigham Young University, people who maintain good friends in old age are 5% less likely to die than those who barely have any.

2. Menopause. According to Thomas Pearls of Harvard University, menopause protects women from the possibility of having children at a certain age, while giving them the opportunity to watch their children and grandchildren grow up.

3. Iron heart. The male organ suffers a 25% decrease in capacity between the ages of 18 and 70. A phenomenon that does not occur in the case of women, according to research from John Moores University in Liverpool.

4. It’s a matter of hormones. The culprit for males committing suicide five times more often than females and being the victims of road traffic accidents or violent deaths is testosterone.

5. They take better care of themselves! According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, men visit their doctors 24% less than women and are 22% more likely to skip cholesterol screening.

Men and women, beyond what science indicates, are at risk for conditions such as diabetes or obesity that can impair their quality of life. Remember that the basis for optimal health is a balanced diet and physical activity – take care of yourself!

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