Everything you need to know to find the perfect fitting sports bra

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As if finding a bra that fits wasn’t hard enough, now we have to throw sports bras into the equation. Most women search for the ideal fitting bra most of their lives with little to no luck in discovering it and if they do, they typically will wear it till it falls apart.

In a recent study, almost twenty percent of women avoid exercising because they can’t find a sports bra that comfortably fits. Another study showed that close to fifty percent of women with larger breasts find exercising to be extremely uncomfortable due to the lack of support of sport bras that are currently available.

This might just seem like a petty excuse not to work out, but research has proven that long-term bouncing breast movements, such as while running or doing aerobic exercises can cause health issues. If larger breasts don’t have the right amount of support, it can do a lot more damage than embarrassment, as it can cause breast pain and permanent damage to your breasts.

Plus, to make matters worse, even walking without enough support for your breasts can cause you to have saggy breasts later on in life. That’s not all; a poorly fitting sports bra can alter your breathing while working out and make exercising unbearable due to the pain.

But on the other hand, women who wear a sports bra that correctly supports their breast size can experience up to 55% less bouncing while even while doing the most vigorous workout. Even A and G cups will notice less jiggling while doing aerobic exercise and breast pain.

But how can you choose the best sports bra for your cup-size?

First off, there are two different types of sports bras: the encapsulation bra and the compression bra.

Compression Bra – Often designed to put on by pulling it over your head, since it has no hooks it has remarkable ability to tightly hold your breasts in place but often lack support for larger cup sizes. Also, it can cause your breasts to look like a flattened uni-boob and are not known for their comfort.

Encapsulation Bra – This style of bra looks similar to your everyday bra, as each cup is designed to mold to your breast, providing additional support especially for larger breasts. But since they don’t offer the compression of their counterpart, they aren’t suitable for aerobic workouts.

Thankfully, they have combined the best of both bras into what we call a “combination bra,” which when combined creates the ideal sports bra. Your best choice for a sports bra is looking for styles that are a compression styled bra but with individual cups for support for your breasts.

When you go sports bra shopping, it is always advisable to try it on, in person. Once you have it on, try jumping up and down with it, to see if it gives you enough support while exercising.

Rules of thumb when sport bra shopping:

  • Try it on before purchasing, if you are unsure to the fit avoid buying online
  • In the fitting room, try jumping up and down to see if the sports bra gives you enough support and keeps your breasts in place
  • The center of the bra should sit squarely in the middle of the chest, if not you should try a larger size
  • Find the right cup size for your breasts, you are not looking for a bra that makes you look like a push-up bra

And just a word of caution, that once you find your ideal sports bra, remember to always wash it in cold water and let it hang dry. Never ever put it into the dryer!

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