Reasons to Cleanse Your Skin With Micellar Water

micellar waterDuring the last year, practically all the beauty brands launched their version of micellar make-up remover water, catapulting this product to the top of the list of favourites for many women. We’ll tell you what the big benefits are:

Does not irritate

Avoiding contact with running water also prevents possible irritation.

You don’t need anything else.

You don’t need to use any more cleaning products afterwards. Micellar water has a set of molecules that attract dirt, so it is sufficient to remove any make-up or impurities.

Can also be used by oily skin

Ideally, it should be water that helps reduce pore size and regulate sebum production so that the skin is smooth and matte.

Can replace the tonic

It is the great slogan with which many make-up remover waters are made known. And yes, if the micellar water in question has toning properties, we can do without this step. “Micellar water completes the three steps: it cleanses, tones and hydrates. What is necessary is extra hydration”, explains Cristina Vigo.

Leaves no greasy residue

It is another of its advantages: it neither leaves the skin tight (as when using a water-based gel) nor leaves greasy residues (so frequent when using cleansing milk). In addition, it facilitates the application and penetration of subsequent treatment products.

Suitable for eyes and lips

If the eye and lip make-up is waterproof, it gets complicated, but if the make-up is not waterproof, the cleansing water can be used, if formulated, in sensitive areas such as the eye, eye and lip contour. The absence of alcohol and parabens in some creams shows a high tolerance for all types of sensitive areas.

It is (super) easy to use

Simply apply it with a cotton pad, without dragging, with small touches and without removing afterwards.

Can be used after going to the gym or sunbathing

The reasons? It frees the skin from impurities such as sweat and seawater while refreshing (and very much). If you then use a thermal water to protect the skin much better.

micellar water cleaner


by Joëlle Ciocco, facial and biochemistry expert from L´Oréal Paris

Place on a cotton or tissue disc and apply to the eye area, lips and the rest of the face. This product does not require rinsing.

Eyes: To remove mascara, move gently from root to tip. For shadows and delineation make horizontal movements from one side to the other without rubbing.

Face: In front, cheeks, nose and chin, remove from center to sides with upward and semicircular movements. On the neck with gentle upward movements.

Lips: Distribute the product from the corners to the inside of the lip.

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