Where to find the best President’s Day Sales – 2019

Believe us, you don’t want miss this year’s President’s Day sales!

presidents day sale

Holidays and shopping deals seem to always go hand in hand and this year’s President’s Day is no exception. Last year, we saw huge savings on just about everything such as home decor, home appliances, winter clothing, shoes and strangely, lingerie (maybe it is because it falls right after Valentines Day).

Get ready to save the date: February 18. We decided to give you the low down on this year’s first big federal holiday and which stores are planning on giving you the best savings. So get your shopping bags ready and start saving now for the best President’s Day deals this year!

Everything related to home


Thinking of upgrading your kitchen appliances – big and small. Then Sears is the place for you, they are offering major President’s Day Sales on most home appliances. Plus you can expect to see 30% off of bedding and bathroom decor.


Best Buy loves to show their patriotic spirit every President’s Day by giving us once-a-year deals on all major brand-name home appliances, televisions and even electronics. Look for additional savings by ordering online and get up to 50% on best-selling items.


Do you find that your mattress is starting to feel a little lumpy and uncomfortable? Improve the quality of your sleep with a new Sealy or Serta mattress from Sam’s Club and get $300 off plus free delivery, if you order through their webpage. This offer pays for the membership itself.


Believe us, when we say that Overstock’s President’s Day sales are not to be missed. They are giving us 70% off almost their entire inventory and all orders over $45 come with free shipping. So if you have been eyeing the adorable ottoman, now is the time to order it.


Home Depot wants to give back to you this President’s Day by giving you deals on almost the entire store, you name it, it’s going to be on sale. Even the kitchen sinks are going to be priced-slashed. Expect to see 40% off most kitchen and bath essentials plus their online overstock section will have an additional 20%.
Everything related to clothing


Target gives homage to our country’s founder and first president by helping us celebrate this year’s President Day with sales and discounts. But, they are only offering sales on their online store, just write in the promo code “George” before check out and get up to 30%.


Wal-Mart is sharing the holiday spirit by giving you President’s Day sales in almost all of their departments, but the secret is that they are only available online. Stock up on some of their premium quality merchandise and get free shipping on all orders over $35.


ThirdLove is getting ready to launch one of their biggest sale events with this years President’s Day sales. If you have been standing on the edge from ordering from this new revolutionary company, then take this sale as your opportunity. Order the bra of your choice, wear and use for 30-days and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return free of charge.

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