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Beautiful MakeUp

Perfectionist: engrave it in your memory because it is the adjective that best defines the trends of make-up right now. You will hear about naked skin (nude), optical erasers, creams with photoshop effect. All have in common the use of intelligent pigments that highlight the brightness of the face while concealing its imperfections.

Because this is another one: juicy skin with a tan that conveys naturalness and health is always well cared for and often worked with a master hand to apply treatment and make-up products where they are needed to camouflage defects and highlight the best tricks.

A fresh and rejuvenating makeup sometimes comes from wearing it all. And that looks like you’re wearing it with your face washed. From the age of 30 onwards, opt for forward-thinking, intelligent and sun-protected anti-ageing formulas (if you don’t have them, add them as the last step to your morning beauty-routine). In colour, the range of roses, peaches and golds.

Radiant and juicy skin

The pillar of a healthy skin, is a good cleansing morning and night (even if you haven’t put on a drop of makeup, the pollution makes of yours). Then, a day cream that covers the basic needs of hydration, delays the appearance of the first wrinkles with anti-ageing formulas and protects us from the sun.

Our latest beauty obsession is to unify the tone, fighting stains and gaining luminosity and transparency. Hence the rise of high-performance products that camouflage skin imperfections with micro-pigments that act as an Instagram filter and also contain active ingredients that look after it in the long term.

Blush yourself

That uncontrollable blush that bothered you so much when you were 20 is the one you miss when you were 35. Luckily, there’s the blush in cream or gel, that great ally that gives you back in a second.

Where do I apply it? The advice for new 20 year olds in makeup is to smile and apply the blush right in the center of their cheeks but, if you start to mark the nasolabial fold (those two wrinkles that go from nose to mouth), forget it. You’ll only attract the attraction where you least want it. What works for you is to look for the highest point of the cheekbones, very close to the outside of the eye, and ex ten de r the blush in defined strokes from there to the hairline.

Remember to blur it well. Rejuvenating makeup is little friendly to the obvious.

The sun powder

They give your skin that healthy look, like a day at the beach, that we all want. The first piece of advice to take years off is to avoid the dark tones that age with the naked eye. Choose the golden ones, more flattering, and those that do not create an excessive contrast with the natural color of your skin.

Apply them with a kabuki brush (remember to shake off excess product by shaking it lightly on the back of your hand), drawing a C from the center of the hairline through the temples and cheeks. Repeat the gesture on the other side of the face.

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