How to Prevent Acne: Recommendations

how to prevent acne

Here are some tips to prevent acne from getting worse and reduce your chances of leaving marks or scars.

  • Pimples should not be handled by’skin cleansing’. Remove some pimples do not evitará the new formación in a short time.
  • Nor should they be’pinched’, scratched, handled or rubbed. These actions can increase the skin daño All these maneuvers do not help to heal them and favour permanent scars. Some people react to stress pellizcándo or oprimiéndo injuries. This can make your acné worse.
  • Steam or compresses húmedas cálidas can be útiles to open clogged pores.
  • Do not rest your face on your hands. This can irritate the skin of the face.
  • Wash daily and carefully with jabón and water to remove grease and dirt, using a special jabón recommended by dermatólogo.
  • After washing, the prescribed medication or cosmetics should be applied.
  • Towels should be washed frequently to prevent infection.
  • Clothes must be kept scrupulously clean. The pillowcases should be changed frequently (twice a week).
  • Keep the hair clean and out of the face, because the hair on the face is greasy and irritating. Wash your hair with champú at least twice a week and use an anti-dandruff champú if necessary. If there is excessive fat or dryness it should be treated by dermatologists. The bangs are not recommended, as they are in permanent contact with the face.
  • If a pus kernel bursts, aplícate a antiséptico: evitarás the infección.
  • You should wash your hands before and after taking care of your injuries to reduce the risk of infección.
  • Do not use normal make-up, but only dermatológicos make-up and noncommodogenic make-up to hide your pimples.
  • Avoid creams, ointments or ointments or greasy lotions, as they can aggravate acné
  • In children, it is better to shave with a razor después than to shower. máquina eléctrica irritates the skin.
  • The sun and fresh air help. The pequeñas solar exposures improve the acné. However, an excessive exposición to the sun or to the ultraviolet rays not recommended está because they can produce worsening súbitos of the injuries, además of which increases the risk of cáncer of skin and other problems related to the sun.
  • Food does not cause acné. Many people try all kinds of diets and get frustrated because they don’t help at all. Some people, however, notice some worsening with some foods (chocolates, nuts, cola and beer, large amounts of milk, etc.). One option is to eliminate for one or more weeks the food you are considering dañino to check its effect when eating it again. It must be ensured that the aggravation of this is not a coincidence.
  • Some fármacos tópicos as cortisone and oral as certain antidepressants can cause acné.
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