How to Eat and Have a Healthy Diet

How to eat healthy? How to eat a balanced diet? These are perhaps the two most frequently asked questions on the web, and for a very good reason. Read on to discover the great answer to this age-old question!

The first thing you need to do is identify what you eat. Since it is not the same eating well as eating to lose weight. That is, you may have a poorly balanced diet and lose weight, or if you don’t have a healthy diet and gain weight.

I’m going to tell you a very simple method to identify what you eat, and then you can start eating healthy. It basically consists of recording what you’re eating. It’s not about depriving yourself of anything, it’s about making a faithful record so that you know exactly what you’re eating.

For example, today in a notebook, you can write down what you ate yesterday. And tomorrow what you’ll eat today. After a week, review your notes and identify foods that are off the road to health. To give you a pita, the most common bad foods are: Processed food, alcohol, sausages, fried foods, sugars….

Now, once identified, it is convenient to underline them so that you have them in mind. Next week we’ll do exactly the same thing, write down everything we eat. But with the big difference that this time we will skip those foods that have broken the healthy eating rule.

By writing them down, it will be easier to avoid them and you’ll start eating more and healthier as time goes by. Don’t forget to have discipline and write down day by day what you eat, you will improve your diet and create an effective habit over time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

One more thing, be careful with holidays and weekends. These can be very tempting to end up with a well started path. Forming a habit takes time and discipline, losing it only takes an instant.

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