Should women stop wearing high-waisted bikinis? Hell no!

Have shaping swimwear and high-waisted bikinis empowered women? Yes, without a doubt! Finally bathing suits that allow women to celebrate their bodies and stop body shamming in its tracks once and for all!


Women today are unchained and free, empowered to get out there and enjoy what life has to offer. The last few years have seen a total change in the thinking of how a woman should look on the beach or at the pool., thanks to supportive swimwear that doesn’t look like it’s from the 1800’s.

Love your body! Especially, because, today’s swimsuits for women do have some tricks that help your body look smooth and sleek. Definitely, we are empowered and free to be confident and to wear what we want.

One of the best looks for every woman’s body is the recent trend of shaping swimwear, allowing you celebrate your curves instead of concealing them.

Turn heads this year in a high-waisted bikini

It is true that in the hundred years since 1918, women still have to overcome macho attitudes about women bathing suits. Just don’t waste your time on those guys. Period.
Almost every guy will admit that nothing screams sexy more than a woman strutting her stuff in any type of a two-piece swimsuit or bikini. It screams confidence, they can’t resist. But most of us shun bikini of all types, well, that is until this year’s latest style the high-waisted bikini.

High-waisted bikinis versus classic thong or string bikinis

All are fantastic choices, but that is the joy of being free, to wear what we want, personal choice. Can you imagine all of us wearing the same string bikini? Ooohhh!!!

There is beauty in all of us. Just find what you look and feel beautiful in, then, go with it. You go, girl! You can look fantastic in a one-piece shaping swimsuit. The key is feeling confident and loving your body. This year’s latest designs of high-waisted bikini bottoms are absolutely cute and irresistible. And yes, they are incredibly sexy.

Another reason is that a little cover-up is more enticing than, maybe, letting your cheeks all hang out in a string bikini. That being said, some cheekiness looks smoking hot on some bodies. Options of wearing one of this years tummy control swimsuits also are great choices. Never in the history of swimwear has there been such a variety of gorgeous and flattering swimwear for women. High-waisted bathing suits are not only for bikinis but are awesome for one or two, piece swimwear. Very sexy and seductive too!

Isn’t Shaping Swimwear the opposite of freedom?

True, in the past, the focus was on squeezing the body and sucking in the fat, and promising to change your body and size into what was accepted as normal. The old fashioned girdle that did not let you move or breathe was totally, the opposite of freedom.

Today, we are lucky to have a new generation of women who are designing shaping swimwear. They focus on empowering women to do what they want. That is to be comfortable and not change their shape. Freedom!!

A cute two piece swimsuit with shaping capabilities? Imagine-looking great and enjoying the beach, all at the same time—how empowering is that? Having a smooth, firm and sleek silhouette does promise a sense of confidence and gives you that extra bounce in your step! Freedom!

Want some help with choosing a shapewear swimsuit?

  • Assess your body type and flaws, pick right size
  • Decide type of bathing suit that you feel most comfortable in
  • Determine your body shape and which suit works best with it
  • Choose colour that will flatter you and fabrics that feel great
  • Pick a suit for the activity you will be engaged in
  • Check out the plus size choices and shaping features

Want tummy control and support for the girls?

Tummy control panels, underwire support, thick straps and high backs all give you a sense of having everything firm and under control. Tummy control technology has you covered. Look for a swimsuit designed to make your waist look smaller with a wrap silhouette. Add ruching and combine with clever control fabric and you will be rocking it.
High-waist bottoms made with control fabric firm and flatter. Add tiny gathers to conceal the tummy and you got it made. Tummy control and supportive swimsuits actually empower women to enjoy, relax and have a great beach or pool experience.

Finally, a secret from the celebs everyone should own a black swimsuit or a black high-waisted bikini.

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