Eye Shadows According to Skin Tone

Eye Shadows

If you are looking for eyeshadows according to skin tone you are on the right page. Whether you have light, dark, olive or slightly dark skin, you have an eyeshadows created for you. Today in a2care.org we reveal the best eyeshadows according to skin tone. Let’s get started.

Choosing eyeshadows according to skin tone is no easy task. It is important to take into account the color of the iris and hair, but the skin tone is the big forgotten one. That’s why it’s important that you not only follow the current trend, but also remember which eyeshadows are the most favorable for you, according to your skin tone. This way you’ll be getting the most out of yourself.

How to Choose Eye Shadows by Skin Tone

Light skin
If you have light skin and soon to burn, just a ray of sunshine appears, your eye shadows according to skin tone are as follows: we recommend the use of shadows in light tones. For example, a good option is rosewood. This type of skin is usually accompanied by light blue or green eyes. If this is your case, you can bet on light shadows of the same color as your eyes.

Very light skin tone eyeshadows
If your case is more extreme than the previous one and your skin is very very white, almost transparent (jokes apart) the best eye shadows according to skin tone are the following: the option that never fails are the silver shadows. They give a lot of light to the look and only with that detail will your face be instantly rejuvenated.

Medium Skin
With average skin, you won’t have any trouble adding color to your eyes. You can dare with an endless number of colors. However, the most flattering are the brown and golden ones, as they will help you to highlight the colour of your skin. In addition, these are the colors that will make your look a very natural look. The best colors are undoubtedly pink gold and bronze. If, in addition to your average skin, your hair color is blond or light, you’ll also look great in coral eye shadows.

Golden skin
The golden skin tone is one of the most envied because it is like always being brown. I mean, it’s a permanent tan, no need to expose yourself to the sun. This type of skin is all about green tones for winter and bronzes for spring and summer – come on and shine!

Olive Skin
Olive skin color is a little darker than gold. That’s why they favor more opposite shades, such as blue or black. If you’re the type who dares to wear makeup, use a klein blue shadow on your lower eyelid and you’ll see that the effect is wonderful.

Brown skin
If your skin is brown you are in luck, because the range of colors is very wide. Everything will do you good. From the shades of brown to even darker shades. Dare the burgundy and purple colors, it’ll look great on you.

Dark Skin
If your skin is more than dark, i.e. dark, dare to try the more vibrant tones like blue or violet. If they seem a bit excessive, you can always combine them with darker shades to nuance the shade.

This has been all about eye shadows by skin tone. We hope you found it interesting and if so, leave us a comment.

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