Ashley Graham talks to Glamour Magazine

Ashley Graham

Okay, ladies, it’s time to be honest. Most of us wish we looked better, not too short, not too tall, not big boned, not tiny, not fat, not skinny, and the list goes on. Ashley Graham is leading the revolution of thinking positive and making the best of what your DNA has dished up for you. Read on to learn more, from her interview with Glamour Magazine.

Special recipe for body confidence

Honestly, we all wish we could ooze such sass and boldness and not be so wrapped up in worrying about what others are thinking about us. Ashley Graham is a role model that we can learn from.

One of the secrets that she shared with Glamour Magazine is summed up best, in her own words: “Yeah, I’ve got fat and I have got lots of it, but I am not sitting here saying that fat is cool; what I am saying is that you are cool no matter how large or small you are.”

Wow! We can be like Ashley Graham and have that same self-confidence. Just take those words and work with them, is her advice.

She assures us that we too can change our own negative self-image and start enjoying our life. Be positive about our own self-image. Do not be negative or give in.

No one can make YOU feel bad about yourself unless you give them that power!

Ashley did admit that sometimes she does feel down about something or just overwhelmed with others wanting her to feel bad about her image. Anyone who does this to another is a bully. Ashley sets the example to not let anyone do that to you.

Her secret is that she fights that feeling by thinking, “you are bold, you are brilliant, you are beautiful…you got this.” Ashley confirmed that this works and obviously, it must. Write those words down and put them to work in your own battle with self-confidence.

Ashley also discussed how narrow-minded people on social media have been anonymous bullies. Her advice is don’t take “their words to heart because that is just a person writing their own insecurity to you.” She has dealt with more than her share of such bullies. Most of us would have given up but she has successfully kept her self-confidence.

Powerful words from the interview to be noted here are: “This is a good time to remind everyone that it’s never OK to make comments or assumptions about another person’s body.”

Self acceptance, feel good in your own body

Ashley Graham makes self-confidence cool. Her goal is to help women feel great about their bodies. Again, let’s be honest, Ashley is gorgeous. What makes her more gorgeous is that she feels good in her body. Self-acceptance is the secret.

Her latest fashion venture, ‘Pretty Little Thing’, is absolutely fantastic in that it caters from size 6 to 28. The goal is to help all women feel great in sexy, cool, sassy clothes.

Feel good in your own body. Check it out!

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