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The fitness rooms of the gyms fill up in September. Summer is linked to the lack of timetables and flexibility when it comes to eating and drinking. So this month’s remorse attacks, and you want to start (or resume) a healthy lifestyle. The same story is repeated every year. September is a good time to introduce new customs.

If you also want to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits, today we have 5 tips for healthy living:

Sleeping Hours

Between seven and eight. Those are the recommended hours of sleep. Do you keep them?

We Spaniards have a reputation for going to bed late. And it’s true. Many say that the culprit is prime time television, which pushes us to bed later. I think it’s a cultural issue and that ending the day at 8pm doesn’t exactly help.

The truth is that lack of sleep affects our performance. Sleep is necessary to regain strength and get the body working. Not to mention the benefits of restful sleep for the skin.

In order to sleep the necessary hours, it is important to have a regular schedule. As far as possible, go to bed and wake up at the same time. At the end the body gets used to it. And you’d better get used to seven hours of sleep than six.

Healthy living habits: Start or resume exercise

The meals away from home, the canes, the fantastic ice cream…. help to start September with a couple of kilos more. The desire to regain weight causes the gyms to fill up, and to empty again in October. Continued exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But you have to set realistic goals so you don’t give up at the first sign of change.

If you haven’t exercised in your life it’s going to be hard to suddenly go for a half-hour run every day. For starters, you can set a goal of running three times a week or 15 minutes every day.

You’d rather go to the gym? Find one near your house. Otherwise, the simple laziness that will give you to go there will make you abandon many days before arriving. When you don’t have the strength (or time) to do a more intense exercise, walk for 30 minutes.


Breakfast, one of the main meals of the day, is one of the great forgotten meals. My eyes open like plates when someone tells me they’re going to work without breakfast. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m one of those who can’t start 100% if they haven’t had breakfast. I don’t have the strength and everything seems to be getting a little worse for me.

If it costs you a lot of breakfast, you can start by eating small foods that you like. For example, a yogurt and nuts. Little by little you will get used to it and it will take less time to fill your stomach in the morning.

There are more breakfasts than the typical cup of coffee with milk and cookies. Find the one you like best and make sure it’s a healthy choice. I mean, don’t even think about drinking industrial croissants or pastries every day.

Incorporates fruits and vegetables

It is fundamental and has been repeated a thousand times. Yet there are many people who still do not follow this step. A healthy diet needs to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are lazy or don’t like to eat these foods you can make shakes (for fruits) and purées (for vegetables). Eating more food at the same time will cost you a little less to eat.

When you realize that a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables in it gives you more energy and generally helps you feel better, you’ll probably start to like them better.

Cook more and avoid pre-cooked foods

Precooked and processed foods are not good for your health. They usually contain additives that are not necessary for our body and that do not benefit us. Whenever possible, it is best to cook everything we eat. A pizza can have a high-calorie content, but it is always better to eat one that we have prepared with homemade tomatoes and vegetables than to buy a ready-made barbecue pizza.

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to always eat at home, always choose the healthier options. Grilled vegetables instead of a plate of pasta carbonara, a vegetable sandwich and not a whole hamburger….such decisions help to avoid over-punishing the body with unhealthy food. Occasionally give yourself a treat, but don’t make it a habit.

We only have one body and it has to last us a lifetime. If we follow healthy lifestyles, we will enjoy a better quality of life. Some studies say it takes 21 days to incorporate a habit, others up to 66. The truth is that once you repeat the same action over a long period of time, you don’t need willpower to do it anymore.

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