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Phytotherapy: improving plant health

It is not new that the man of today tries to approach a more natural and healthy way of life.

Phytotherapy, brings us to the meeting of this purpose, covering from the aspect of prevention to the way to combat the most varied diseases that afflict us today.

Let’s get to know from now on, a little more about phytotherapy:

Which is, since when does it exist, the active principles of plants and much more…

What is Phytotherapy?

We’ll start by talking about the origin of the name. Phytotherapy comes from Greek, phytos (plant) and therapeutic (treatment). It is then called as the meeting of the techniques of use of plants in the treatment of ailments and health recovery.

Since when did it exist?

Phytotherapy is as old as the beginnings of man. Curing through plants is a method that has been used for centuries, more than 50 thousand years ago. Orientals were masters and their techniques are still used with great success.

It is important to point out that the modern pharmacy itself is based on the active principles of the plants, remembering that despite all modern technology, currently about 40% of the raw material still comes from vegetables.

improving plant health

Active principles of plants.

Phytotherapy calls it an “official treatment”, the most appropriate way to treat a plant and extract from it all its active ingredients, that is, its curative power for the treatment of ailments, which can be:

  • Cooking: boiling of the substance.
  • Infusion: the substance is boiled in a covered container. (te)
  • Cataplasma: a preparation consisting of powder of substances by cooking or infusion, diluted to form a gelatinous paste.
  • Filtration: the substance is filtered through a filter paper cone and placed in a funnel.
  • Maceration: the substance is left in contact with a liquid used to dissolve the active ingredient at room temperature.
  • Dyeing: is the addition of alcohol or ether to vegetable, animal or mineral substances.
  • Tea: is a method used for solutions, macerations, infusions, and cooking prepared with herbs.
  • Roasting: this operation removes water from the substances and subjects them to a decomposition process that modifies some of their properties.
  • Medicinal wines: preparations resulting from the action of wine on substances.

Technical terms used by phytotherapy, worldwide, referring to the action of plants on the organism.

  • Anti-biliary: they allow the evacuation of bile. Abortion: means that the plant causes the elimination of the fetus.
  • Anticatarrhal: inhibits the presence of colds.
  • Anti-flatulent or carminative: They promote the elimination of gases from the digestive tract, calming the pains they cause and stimulating the stomach and intestine.
  • Antiscorbutic: They fight scurvy.
  • Anti-flu: Fight the flu.
  • Antihaemorrhoids: They fight hemorrhoids.
  • Antispasmodic: Combats cramps and spasms.
  • Anti-Rheumatic: Combats rheumatism.
  • Cholagogues: favors the elimination of bile duct contents.
  • Diuretic: causes sweating.
  • Stomach: helps digestion of the stomach.
  • Expectorant: helps eliminate phlegm and coughs
  • Febrifugal: lowers fever.
  • Laxative: helps the intestines to remove what is not needed.
  • Obstinant: Helps the intestines to stop diarrhea.


Plants and their medicinal activities have no side effects, as is usually the case with chemical drugs. But we emphasize that they must be used with serious criteria for the effectiveness of the treatment to be complete since some plants are toxic and therefore need certain care when they are used.
It is always advisable to go to a professional avoiding self-medicating and be very careful if you do so.

Slimming secrets and having an amazing figure

To have a beautifully sculpted figure requires consistence, patience and determination according to the young Savannah Prez. She posted on her social media accounts recently that it isn’t easy to achieve but she shared 3 of her best-kept secrets to have a beautiful figure like hers.

This gorgeous model went through an extraordinary transformation thanks to her will power to change her eating habits and follow a daily exercise program. If you want to look like her, then keep reading and you will be surprised.

Savannah published a picture in Instagram that showed the world her old figure that even she admits that she is unrecognizable. This is due to the fact that she was overweight at the time and she is so thankful that she took the steps to change her lifestyle for the better.

Before and after instagram weight-loss

Who is Savannah and to what does she owe her transformation?

Savannah is known for her incredibly sculpted healthy body and her iron legs with envied gluts. She is 20 years old, from Belgium and presently works as a model for sport lines.

She is 20 years old, 5ft and 3 inches tall and weighs only 130 pounds but she has admirable musculature. She loves playing basketball and other sports but her main passion lies in the fitness world.

She has no limits for training and defining her figure. She is known for pushing past her daily limits for each workout. After practicing 10 years of basketball, she felt dissatisfied seeing that her figure wasn’t what she desired, so she decided to do something completely different.

However, when she entered into the fitness world, it was only at a recreational level. Only working out a few times a week and eating whatever she felt like, not watching her diet at all. If she felt like eating a milk chocolate bar each day, she wouldn’t even give it a second thought, worrying about her eating habits wasn’t a concern.

Finally she decided to change her lifestyle and pushed herself out of her comfort zone. For the majority of us that means taking control of our lives, so it is healthier in every sense.

A publication shared by Savannah Prez (@savannahprez) el

3 secrets that will give you a stunning figure

This beautiful model formed her muscular body by putting into practice the following secrets or suggestions. We need to consider each one of them and ask ourselves how we can put them into practice immediately:

  • If you want to see immediate results then, you have to train strong and using heavy weights. For Savannah this was a challenge when she started training. When you start training, you will need to begin with a weight lifting program that begins with lighter weights and slower increases to heavier and heavier with few repetitions. Always pushing your muscles to the limit.
  • Follow a dietary program that matches your long-term goals for transforming your body. The model recommends visiting a specialist to orientate you in what you should be eating and not eating.
  • This beautiful model’s best-kept secret is that every Sunday she splurges on her favorite breakfast: Fresh French bread. She recommends that at least once a week to teat yourself to something special to avoid slipping into temptation during the week and devouring everything that you find in your path.

Doesn’t that sound simple? Even though it might seem too good to be true, these secrets have helped Savannah be one of the top fitness models in the world at the moment right now.

How to keep in shape without indulging

Being healthy and maintaining a model’s body such as the beautiful Savannah has, requires strict consistence and dedication. Also, you will need to include into your daily diet, foods that are low in fat, rich in antioxidants and other foods that provide sufficient energy for your body so there is no need to consume the muscle mass for energy.

It is fundamental to eat at least 5 to 6 small meals a day to keep you feeling full. Also make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits, green vegetables and complex carbohydrates daily to help you meet your daily caloric intake needed to burn fat or to create muscle.

Savannah says the keys lies in finding a balance with your mind, body and spirit to stay in shape. She motivates people of all ages to get up and start moving their bodies today and the best time to get in shape and healthier is NOW.

Electronic Abdomen Stimulator – Myth or Reality

Would you like to have a flatter, slimmer waistline? Let us be truthful, we all want to have excellent abs, whether or not we are a guy or ladies. Great abs supplies pure sex appeal and leaves you looking great in everything.

There are so many various equipment and abdomen machines to each and every our objectives, some seem to make a lot more sense than other individuals, as they need a specified part of sweat and work. But can you really get rock-difficult abs from making use of an abs stimulator?

If you invest any time on the internet or observe Television, you have most probably observed infomercials for ab toners. In the previous couple of many years, there has been a flood of various businesses generating electronic muscle stimulator units. But how do they work?

How it functions

Ab Toner utilizes a engineering referred to as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) by making use of a modest electrical present or impulse that triggers your muscle groups to contract. It utilizes modest electrodes that come into get in touch with with your bare skin these send a modest set of electrical pulse into your skin. Every single contraction resembles completely a contraction brought on by undertaking one sit-up.

EMS engineering is often puzzled with a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which is often utilized by bodily therapist to deal with acute and persistent discomfort. EMS stimulates the muscle groups to contract but TENS units stimulate nerves. EMS units are utilized for training, building new and outdated muscle plus avoid atrophy in bedridden individuals.

wanna have cristiano ronaldos abs?

How do you use it?

All you want to do is attach your abs stimulator to your abdomen, and adjust one of the 15 settings until finally you locate the wanted degree of contraction.

You might be questioning, but how does it really feel? It sounds unpleasant, providing myself a series of electric shocks. It is not as undesirable as it sounds and feels like a combination of weird prickly tingly sensation and feeling like a deep tissue massage. It is not comfortable, but undertaking thousands of crunches is not either.

In buy to see the results you wish, it will be essential to use at least ten-minutes a day, four occasions a week. But as with any exercising, the a lot more you do the much better the same goes for making use of your abs stimulator.

Every single minute you use your abdomen trainer on medium intensity is equal to thirty to forty sit-ups or crunches. On regular our human body can only perform 7-ten sit-ups per minute, going at greatest velocity.
The stimulator does not just target one of the four muscle groups discovered in our abdomen but it targets all four of them. Generating your exercise time be maximized.

Myth or reality

Myth – Excessive weight reduction

1 common misconception is that by sporting an ab toner is that you can drop that further thirty pounds on your waist. The Abs Stimulator is made to stimulate your muscle groups and not our excess fat. It does not offer you a miraculous weight reduction.

Reality – It tones, firms, revealing your 6-pack

It does assist to give you a firmer, trimmer abdomen when mixed with a healthier reduced-excess fat diet and stick to a standard cardio exercising plan. Of program, you will not see results if you are chowing down on pizza, milkshakes and fried chicken each day.

Myth – It is ideal for all body varieties

The Abs Stimulator is made to target your muscle groups and the electrode impulse triggers the muscle groups to contract. But the a lot more body excess fat close to the abdomen muscle groups the significantly less successful the impulses will be at contracting the muscle groups, consequently slower results.

Reality – It improves your all round health

The device improves your blood circulation during the entire body this improved circulation implies a lot more nutrients and oxygen getting feed to your body’s organs. It also improves your posture and persistent back discomfort.


The verdict is out and the Abs Stimulator will assist you reach your 6-pack or bikini body if you stick to a reduced-excess fat diet that is large in lean proteins. (Fish, skinless chicken, beans and beef tenderloin) Also by following a standard cardio plan three occasions a week for thirty-minute large intensity exercises.

The important to the washboard abs is diet, exercising and now by making use of your ab toner you can see your results up to 3 occasions fasters. It will assist you get the physique of your favorite fitness star, inside no time, probabilities are they acquired their body thanks to their Abs Stimulator!

Everything about waist trainer

In the world there are many trends and objects that have become fashionable for different causes or reasons, one of the things that are most used is a Waist trainer, being used by women worldwide as famous as Kim Kardashian. But  is the reason because this object has become so famous at world level, we can find it in the fact that people want to be fit, lose weight and women want to have that figure in the shape of an hourglass similar to which it has the famous artists. It is also necessary to know that people each want to buy products that work and are of quality so it is necessary to buy product of originals.

It is important to know the fact that the waist trainer also called corset is object that allow you to tighten the ribs and waist, seeking to rearrange both the ribs and bones. Also the corset is very important to know this girdles helps people to lose weight, the reason is the fact that it acts like an external band that causes people to eat less.

The corsets come in different types as is the case of the so called traditional corsets that were fitted with laces to tighten the ribs and waist. Also called the so called cincher are a kind of corset that are more oriented to tighten the waist of the user so both  serve to improve the shape of the waist. A thing that it is necessary to take into account is the fact that when you are going to buy a particular box you must buy original products to have greater durability.

Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose manifest that the fact of its beautiful figures and perfect figures is the use of the waist trainer for women. Due to the previously manifested, manufacturers and the market have a lot of corsets that are sold to clients.

Review about Waist trainer

 use of the waist trainer for women

According to many opinions, the waist trainer is an excellent product that has helped them to lose weight, improve their figure in a considerable way, achieving the appearance of hourglass and many have lost weight. Also many argue that it is difficult to choose a particular corset to get the most convenient results. The great connoisseurs make several recommendations, in case of a person that is of beginner level it is recommended that the material be based on latex and in case the person has time using them, one of the best options are the recommended corsets boneless steel is recommended.

According to the opinions when you are beginner of the main characteristics that you should look for in a girdle is the comfort and style, that allows you to use it throughout the day and at the same time you see it in a correct way, it is also It is important for people to look for the option that best fits the budget without sacrificing product quality.

It is also necessary to know that the waist trainer are in different sizes and different materials some more elastic than the others so it is necessary for people to choose those of their preference and with which they feel more comfortable.


In the world there are many trends and objects that have become fashionable for different causes or reasons, some of the things that are most used is a Waist trainer because these help to lose weight look better and have the figure of hourglass. . The great connoisseurs make several recommendations, in case of being a person that is of beginner level it is recommended that the material be based on latex and in case the person has time using them, one of the best options are the recommended corsets Boneless steel is recommended.