The ONLY panty you need – The tummy control thong

Finally, a panty that gives you everything you are looking for in a panty. Combining that tummy-tucking suction that gives you the confidence to face anything or anyone, along with the benefits of going commando.

The tummy control thong offers everything you have been looking for in an undergarment.

You will look and feel so good in these little panties that you will actually want to show them off. Look for panties made from smooth, soft fabrics with invisible seams to be no-shows even under your tightest, body-hugging ensemble.

Body wear has come a long way in the last few years, with soft, lightweight fabrics that provide the support you have come to love, but without the bunching or riding up. Finally, panties that can keep up with your busy lifestyle and not slow you down.

Fashion dictates that we need to wear tight fitting denim, tailored pants and shorts and now high-waisted pencil skirts are a mainstream outfit. Your old-fashioned granny panties just aren’t going to cut it, because they are going to leave you with visible panty lines.

Once you slip into the tummy control thong, you will be heading to your underwear drawer to throw away all of you’re not so comfy and desired panties! Feel heavenly and sexy in this undie!

Benefits of wearing a tummy control thong

Benefits of Wearing a Tummy Control Thong

  • No more panty lines
    Panty lines should actually be a dirty word, as they ruin even the most expensive outfit. The thong provides the coverage you need, but with zero panty lines.
  • No chafing
    If you live in a warmer climate and, thus, tend to sweat more, it can cause friction on your skin leading to chafing.
  • No uncomfortable seams
    Seams can become very uncomfortable, especially while seating for longer periods. Plus seams can leave ugly red marks on your skin, from the elastic bands compressing on your skin.
  • Undetectable comfort
    The thong is designed to stay put and can be the most comfortable undie in the world, if you find that it is sitting too tight, maybe you should go up a size.
  • Perk up your booty
    Most shapewear tends to flatten your booty, but the tummy control thong shapewear provides all of the benefits you have come to love from your granny panties, all the while, perking up your booty.
  • Slimmer figure
    Smooth away your tummy bulge and smooth away those lumps and bumps with the tummy control panels. By enhancing your curves and giving you an extra dose of confidence.

Whatever brand of tummy control thong you choose, make sure you choose the correct size for your body and not the size you wish you were. You will love your new undies, as it provides a fast, easy and comfortable solution for not going commando and keeping all of your wiggly parts in place.

Can a Waist Trainer Help You Lose Those Extra Inches?

Who doesn’t dream of having the perfect body? We have tried dozens of fad diets and crazy workout regimes that often result in us giving up on the diet and slowly, but surely, stop exercising. One of the reasons for our failure to carry through is not being able to see the results fast enough.

The best trick to lose those extra inches is by using a waist trainers, it’ll jumpstart your exercise regime but give you immediate results. Just keep reading to find out how you can melt those extra inches away.

waist trainer reviews ijoobi

How does a waist trainer work?

There are many methods to get physically fit or reach physical goals and there are many ways to get an hourglass figure. But the most effective method to achieve this is by waist training, which combines the benefits of corsets with modern technology, which means you can see results faster and without restrictions.

Corsets have been around since the early 1800’s. Corseting involves wrapping a tight piece of fabric that is entwined with 20 or more steel bones that compress the midriff into a slimmer hourglass figure, by tightening laces in the back. It is a very effective way to train your waist but it is very uncomfortable and restricts your every movement.

Waist training, on the other hand, uses the same method of sucking in those extra inches around your waist by using a hook-and-eye closure that does up on the front. They can be adjusted up to two to three sizes. It uses the same principles as corseting, by training your abdominal muscles to hold a tighter, firmer hourglass figure.

Often waist trainers are made from a fabric that increases the core temperature, such as neoprene, nylon or latex. The thermal heating causes your body to sweat more, which equals weight loss.

The best waist trainer don’t have steel bones, making them suitable to be worn comfortably while picking up your baby, gardening or even sweating it out at the most intense spinning class.

Plus it suppresses your appetite, as you will be more conscious of your tummy and what you put into it. This will lead to eating smaller portions, which will accelerate your metabolism.

Benefits of using a waist trainer:

  • Improved posture
  • Alleviates lower back pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases perspiration – melting those inches away
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Gives an instant hourglass figure – dropping at least 2 dress sizes
  • Confidence boost when you see your rocking body
  • Helps remove impurities or toxins that are slowing down your metabolism

How can you Lose Inches with a Waist Training?

As with any training program, you need to start slowly. When you start waist training, wear the cinch on the biggest size and wear for an hour the first day. Each day that goes by, try increasing the time you wear it by another hour until you can endure wearing it for the entire eight hours.

Once you feel comfortable wearing it all day, everyday, then you can try tightening the hook-and-eye closures a little bit. Wear your trainer when you go shopping, to the gym or to work.

You can basically do any type of excise while wearing your trainer, such as running, walking, weight lifting or spinning. We just don’t recommend wearing a steel-boned waist trainer if you are doing crunches, as it can deform the bones, plus it would be very uncomfortable.

Try this easy exercise that you can do from home – no equipment required just make sure you wearing your trainer:

  1. Jumping Jacks: Begin with 60 seconds of intense jumping jacks.
  2. Jogging in place: Run in place, trying to lift your knees up to your chest as you run.
  3. Downward facing dawn squats: In the downward facing dawn pose, bend your knees and hold. Stand straight and repeat 10 times.
  4. Pushups: Repeat as many times as possible
  5. Burpees: Start in standing position, bend your knees and squat to the floor, kick back to a plank then return to squat. Repeat.

Why do women need more sleep than men?

If you as well as your partner drop off to sleep as well as get up at the exact same time, yet he constantly seems extra wide awake and alert compared to you, don’t really feel bad (and don’t allow him make you really feel poor either). Science, my bosom friend, is on your side.

women need sleep more

Professionals recommend an average of eight hrs of rest, which could differ inning accordance with the demands of each person’s body. However, according to sleep neuroscientist Jim Horne, a professor at Loughborough College in England, a woman’s brain is extra complicated and, as a result, calls for longer rest.

According to the specialist, absence of sleep for ladies is highly related to high levels of emotional suffering, more hostility, clinical depression, as well as anger. These sensations are not assessed by males with the absence of sleep.

Female’s minds function more

But, nevertheless, exactly what makes a woman’s mind a lot more intricate compared to a man’s brain?

In contrast with them, women utilize the brain with even more intensity since they multitask a lot. This indicates that their brain calls for a lot more rest, something a great night’s rest gives much better than other task.

Five diets that don’t have to be done this year

If your goal is to lose those extra kilos and in the search for effective formulas you find the famous “recipes”, analyze well before assuming these regimes. May vanity not lead you to take the wrong steps.

As tradition has it, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) has released its annual listing of the most popular diets to avoid for the coming year.

On this occasion, the payroll includes five famously promoted diets: crudivegan, ketogenic, alkaline, pioppi and Katie Price nutritional supplements.

a planned vegan diet with vitamin B12 and vitamin D may be healthy

Here is an outline of what each one is about and why the BDA calls them to avoid.

Raw vegan diet
It consists of eating raw and vegan foods. According to the BDA, “a planned vegan diet with vitamin B12 and vitamin D may be healthy, but it’s no guarantee for weight loss. In addition, it states that vegan foods “contain the same calories as non-vegan foods. On raw foods, experts say they are not suitable for children or pregnant women.

Alkaline diet
It consists of consuming less acidic foods to help balance the pH in the blood and reduce the risk of disease. However, the British entity says this is a “misunderstanding” and explains that,”while encouraging people to eat more vegetables and fruits, as proposed by this diet, it is good, the pH of food does not have an impact on the pH of the blood.

Diet Pioppi
This dietary regime arose in the village of Pioppi, southern Italy, which has been recognized as “the home of the Mediterranean diet”. The version of the diet recommends a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet with intermittent fasting. However, the BDA says it “encourages people to go hungry 24 hours a day, seven days a day.

Ketogenic Diet
A very low-carbohydrate diet, high in fat and moderate in protein. The goal is to take the body to a state of “ketosis”: because it does not have the glucose of carbohydrates, instead burns fat to produce energy, This intake would produce an increase in the levels of ketones (organic compound) in the body. But the BDA cautions:”It can be an effective short-term method with careful planning, but initial weight loss is often associated with water and fluid losses.

British nutritionists described the line of supplements launched by the British model Katie Price, which includes breakfast and meal replacement products, as “dangerous”. According to the association,”rapid weight loss can be motivating, but it is not sustainable. Appetite suppressants aren’t healthy either.

Phytotherapy: improving plant health

It is not new that the man of today tries to approach a more natural and healthy way of life.

Phytotherapy, brings us to the meeting of this purpose, covering from the aspect of prevention to the way to combat the most varied diseases that afflict us today.

Let’s get to know from now on, a little more about phytotherapy:

Which is, since when does it exist, the active principles of plants and much more…

What is Phytotherapy?

We’ll start by talking about the origin of the name. Phytotherapy comes from Greek, phytos (plant) and therapeutic (treatment). It is then called as the meeting of the techniques of use of plants in the treatment of ailments and health recovery.

Since when did it exist?

Phytotherapy is as old as the beginnings of man. Curing through plants is a method that has been used for centuries, more than 50 thousand years ago. Orientals were masters and their techniques are still used with great success.

It is important to point out that the modern pharmacy itself is based on the active principles of the plants, remembering that despite all modern technology, currently about 40% of the raw material still comes from vegetables.

improving plant health

Active principles of plants.

Phytotherapy calls it an “official treatment”, the most appropriate way to treat a plant and extract from it all its active ingredients, that is, its curative power for the treatment of ailments, which can be:

  • Cooking: boiling of the substance.
  • Infusion: the substance is boiled in a covered container. (te)
  • Cataplasma: a preparation consisting of powder of substances by cooking or infusion, diluted to form a gelatinous paste.
  • Filtration: the substance is filtered through a filter paper cone and placed in a funnel.
  • Maceration: the substance is left in contact with a liquid used to dissolve the active ingredient at room temperature.
  • Dyeing: is the addition of alcohol or ether to vegetable, animal or mineral substances.
  • Tea: is a method used for solutions, macerations, infusions, and cooking prepared with herbs.
  • Roasting: this operation removes water from the substances and subjects them to a decomposition process that modifies some of their properties.
  • Medicinal wines: preparations resulting from the action of wine on substances.

Technical terms used by phytotherapy, worldwide, referring to the action of plants on the organism.

  • Anti-biliary: they allow the evacuation of bile. Abortion: means that the plant causes the elimination of the fetus.
  • Anticatarrhal: inhibits the presence of colds.
  • Anti-flatulent or carminative: They promote the elimination of gases from the digestive tract, calming the pains they cause and stimulating the stomach and intestine.
  • Antiscorbutic: They fight scurvy.
  • Anti-flu: Fight the flu.
  • Antihaemorrhoids: They fight hemorrhoids.
  • Antispasmodic: Combats cramps and spasms.
  • Anti-Rheumatic: Combats rheumatism.
  • Cholagogues: favors the elimination of bile duct contents.
  • Diuretic: causes sweating.
  • Stomach: helps digestion of the stomach.
  • Expectorant: helps eliminate phlegm and coughs
  • Febrifugal: lowers fever.
  • Laxative: helps the intestines to remove what is not needed.
  • Obstinant: Helps the intestines to stop diarrhea.


Plants and their medicinal activities have no side effects, as is usually the case with chemical drugs. But we emphasize that they must be used with serious criteria for the effectiveness of the treatment to be complete since some plants are toxic and therefore need certain care when they are used.
It is always advisable to go to a professional avoiding self-medicating and be very careful if you do so.

Asparagus diet, ideal for slimming down in spring

Duration: 1 week.

In this diet, asparagus, rich in calcium and vitamins a and c, is incorporated into a very balanced diet due to its milk and protein content. To carry out this diet we must verify that we do not suffer from kidney problems and that we are in perfect physical condition.

asparagus diet in one week

Breakfast and snack alternatives after a coffee, tea or sweetened infusion: a slice of black bread and 50 grams of ham or light cheese.

Or: 200 grams of raspberries with half-fat yogurt. A bowl of asparagus broth and two slices of pineapple seasoned with three tablespoons of skim yogurt.

Or: A hard-boiled egg and a slice of brown bread with dietetic margarine.

Alternatives for lunch: 500 grams of boiled asparagus, two small potatoes baked in the oven with skin, and secondly take a fillet of ostrich breast, chicken or turkey.

Or: plenty of steamed or grilled asparagus salad with 50 grams of tuna. From the second course we will prepare two artichokes or a baked courgette filled with 80 grams of lean minced meat, which previously we will have fried with onion, pepper and garlic very chopped tender.

Or: vegetable soup made with cabbage, chard, spinach, lettuce, celery and onion, to which we will add five asparagus cut into pieces.

Choose from 300 grams of steamed mussels stuffed with a minced tomato, red pepper, cilantro and chives, or a quarter of a rabbit or chicken breast fillet.

Spice suggestions:

  • half a cup of skim yogurt beaten together with chopped spring onions, a few pickled gherkins and capers, garlic and cilantro.
  • half skimmed yoghurt shaken with half a crushed cucumber and fresh basil leaves.
  • half a cup of shaken yogurt next to the orange juice and fresh mint leaves.

Alternatives for dinner: a bowl of asparagus broth made with two chopped leeks and 400 grams of asparagus. The second course will have a hard-boiled egg stuffed with 40 grams of lean ham. Or: all the asparagus we like and a toast spread with dietary white cheese and a thin slice of quince.

Or else:
A salad made with 300 grams of asparagus, a few palm hearts and a little endive. From the second course we will take 150 g of hake, sole or monkfish steamed or grilled accompanied by an open tomato.

Mirror Essentials body shaper reviews

It’s happened to every single one of us. At least once, we have looked in the mirror and tried to fit into a favorite dress from our past. If it hasn’t happened to you, then you just aren’t old enough! But don’t you worry, you’ll get there if you’re lucky (tongue in cheek).

Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, a hot date or a holiday party, you want to fit back into that dress. Once you manage to close it, you realize that you end up looking like a badly wrapped burrito! Your tummy is popping out, your breasts are a little saggy, and your love handles are out there for everyone to see.

Sometimes, life gets really hectic. Between work, kids, home and all of the things that you have to accomplish every week, it gets really hard to get to the gym regularly. On top of that, if you like to eat, then you will always have a little extra weight.

So, what do you do when you want to fit into that dress? The answer can be found in the way of body shapers! They are undergarments that are made with elastic materials in order to suck you in and smooth out your bumps and rolls, giving you a smooth shape and a nice figure. You’ll be able to wear any dress!

Finding the right body shaper is important. You want to make sure that it fits well, that it is high quality, that it is the right size, and that the price is just right. It’s not exactly an easy feat!

Body shaper in MirrorEssentials

The website has a wide array of great shapewear for all of your different needs. However, the Tank Top Tummy Shaper is one of my all time favorites.

Many body shapers get really uncomfortable and they still don’t do a really good job. They may not tuck you in enough or they may squeeze too tightly in all the wrong places. This cami, however, is the complete opposite of that!

It has a tight design that tightens around your tummy, hit and backs, cinching you in and smoothing your figure. It has a flare comfort band that hugs your hips in order to control your love handles and stay put. It won’t ride up! It will keep you tucked in and shrink you by 2 sizes!

Aside from cinching you in, this wonderful cami helps to lift and support your bust. It smooths out any back fat and keeps everything smooth. The bust has a magic pouch so that you can add pads for modesty or remove them if you prefer to go without. You will have a wonderful hourglass figure and you will be able to fit into any little dress you like!

I love this piece and I am really happy that it’s available in tan, black and in white. I have all three so that I can use them under all of my favorite outfits! I look and feel like a million bucks any day and ay time! Check out the Tank Top Tummy Shaper now!

MirrorEssentials body shaper

Updated: April 6

How to Eat and Have a Healthy Diet

How to eat healthy? How to eat a balanced diet? These are perhaps the two most frequently asked questions on the web, and for a very good reason. Read on to discover the great answer to this age-old question!

The first thing you need to do is identify what you eat. Since it is not the same eating well as eating to lose weight. That is, you may have a poorly balanced diet and lose weight, or if you don’t have a healthy diet and gain weight.

I’m going to tell you a very simple method to identify what you eat, and then you can start eating healthy. It basically consists of recording what you’re eating. It’s not about depriving yourself of anything, it’s about making a faithful record so that you know exactly what you’re eating.

For example, today in a notebook, you can write down what you ate yesterday. And tomorrow what you’ll eat today. After a week, review your notes and identify foods that are off the road to health. To give you a pita, the most common bad foods are: Processed food, alcohol, sausages, fried foods, sugars….

Now, once identified, it is convenient to underline them so that you have them in mind. Next week we’ll do exactly the same thing, write down everything we eat. But with the big difference that this time we will skip those foods that have broken the healthy eating rule.

By writing them down, it will be easier to avoid them and you’ll start eating more and healthier as time goes by. Don’t forget to have discipline and write down day by day what you eat, you will improve your diet and create an effective habit over time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

One more thing, be careful with holidays and weekends. These can be very tempting to end up with a well started path. Forming a habit takes time and discipline, losing it only takes an instant.

healthy diet recipes

Slimming secrets and having an amazing figure

To have a beautifully sculpted figure requires consistence, patience and determination according to the young Savannah Prez. She posted on her social media accounts recently that it isn’t easy to achieve but she shared 3 of her best-kept secrets to have a beautiful figure like hers.

This gorgeous model went through an extraordinary transformation thanks to her will power to change her eating habits and follow a daily exercise program. If you want to look like her, then keep reading and you will be surprised.

Savannah published a picture in Instagram that showed the world her old figure that even she admits that she is unrecognizable. This is due to the fact that she was overweight at the time and she is so thankful that she took the steps to change her lifestyle for the better.

Before and after instagram weight-loss

Who is Savannah and to what does she owe her transformation?

Savannah is known for her incredibly sculpted healthy body and her iron legs with envied gluts. She is 20 years old, from Belgium and presently works as a model for sport lines.

She is 20 years old, 5ft and 3 inches tall and weighs only 130 pounds but she has admirable musculature. She loves playing basketball and other sports but her main passion lies in the fitness world.

She has no limits for training and defining her figure. She is known for pushing past her daily limits for each workout. After practicing 10 years of basketball, she felt dissatisfied seeing that her figure wasn’t what she desired, so she decided to do something completely different.

However, when she entered into the fitness world, it was only at a recreational level. Only working out a few times a week and eating whatever she felt like, not watching her diet at all. If she felt like eating a milk chocolate bar each day, she wouldn’t even give it a second thought, worrying about her eating habits wasn’t a concern.

Finally she decided to change her lifestyle and pushed herself out of her comfort zone. For the majority of us that means taking control of our lives, so it is healthier in every sense.

A publication shared by Savannah Prez (@savannahprez) el

3 secrets that will give you a stunning figure

This beautiful model formed her muscular body by putting into practice the following secrets or suggestions. We need to consider each one of them and ask ourselves how we can put them into practice immediately:

  • If you want to see immediate results then, you have to train strong and using heavy weights. For Savannah this was a challenge when she started training. When you start training, you will need to begin with a weight lifting program that begins with lighter weights and slower increases to heavier and heavier with few repetitions. Always pushing your muscles to the limit.
  • Follow a dietary program that matches your long-term goals for transforming your body. The model recommends visiting a specialist to orientate you in what you should be eating and not eating.
  • This beautiful model’s best-kept secret is that every Sunday she splurges on her favorite breakfast: Fresh French bread. She recommends that at least once a week to teat yourself to something special to avoid slipping into temptation during the week and devouring everything that you find in your path.

Doesn’t that sound simple? Even though it might seem too good to be true, these secrets have helped Savannah be one of the top fitness models in the world at the moment right now.

How to keep in shape without indulging

Being healthy and maintaining a model’s body such as the beautiful Savannah has, requires strict consistence and dedication. Also, you will need to include into your daily diet, foods that are low in fat, rich in antioxidants and other foods that provide sufficient energy for your body so there is no need to consume the muscle mass for energy.

It is fundamental to eat at least 5 to 6 small meals a day to keep you feeling full. Also make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits, green vegetables and complex carbohydrates daily to help you meet your daily caloric intake needed to burn fat or to create muscle.

Savannah says the keys lies in finding a balance with your mind, body and spirit to stay in shape. She motivates people of all ages to get up and start moving their bodies today and the best time to get in shape and healthier is NOW.

In general, eating fresh fruit is good for you, but which fruits are the best to eat?

Fruits are considered to be healthy food choices and should be included in everyone’s diet, no matter their age. However, some fruits shouldn’t be missing from a balanced wholesome diet because of their incredible nutritional properties.

Citrus fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, mandarins, lemons, limes and kumquats are all an excellent source of vitamin C and for this reason; they can’t be missing from a healthy diet.

Vitamin C plays an important role in your body’s proper function, such as:

  • It intervenes in the reactions for obtaining energy from other nutrients consumed
  • It strengthens your immune system
  • It increases the absorption of non-haem iron (iron derived from a vegetable source), which is found abundantly in spinach, kale, lentils, garbanzos and dried fruit, etc.
  • It is essential for synthesis of collagen
  • It acts as an antioxidant, by blocking free radicals that can harm your body and cause different diseases such as cardiovascular, neurological and kidney, etc.

Of all of the fruits that are consumed daily, make sure at least one of them is a citrus fruit to make sure you are ingesting sufficient vitamin C daily.

make sure at least one of them is a citrus fruit to make sure you are ingesting sufficient vitamin C daily.


Apples are an excellent source of fiber, which is often called soluble fiber. This soluble fiber makes this fruit an ideal natural remedy for gastritis because if the skin is removed, the stomach can easily digest it without causing any stomach pain or acidity.

On the other hand, apples are able to help to regulate the correct intestinal function and should be consumed even in cases of diarrhea and constipation. When treating diarrhea, apples should be eaten peeled and avoid that they become oxygenized (allowing the flesh to become dark in color from being exposed from the air for a few minutes). To cure constipation, apples should be eaten raw and with the peel.


Purple and blue blueberries are very rich in antioxidants, for this reason they can prevent early onset aging and keep your body young and healthy.

Purple blueberries contain a substance called proanthocyanidins that prevent excess bacteria from forming in the bladder that cause urine infections. For this reason, if you are suffering from recurring cystitis, just add a shot of pure blueberry juice to your daily diet.


Strawberries have many benefits for your health, but one of the most important ones has to do with their ability to regulate blood sugar levels because they contain high levels of polyphenols.

Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of these fruits with individuals who have diabetes. It was successfully demonstrated that a cup of fresh strawberries each day can produce a similar effect as caused when the body receives a dose of the pharmaceutical metformin (insulin sensibility).

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is very beneficial for your health.

  • Alleviates joint pain
  • Reduces edema
  • Decreases the formation of clots (thrombosis) in the blood
  • It favors digestion, especially after eating protein rich foods


Some of the many virtues of plums are their fiber and their natural source of sugar that stimulates cleansing the intestines, as it acts as an excellent natural laxative. For this reason, fresh or dried plums are recommended in the case of constipation.


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and magnesium. These are two key minerals that are needed for muscle contraction and relaxing, to prevent muscle spasms while practicing some sort of physical activity.

Bananas also is rich in an amino acid called tryptophan, which is essential for synthesizes the serotonin neurotransmitter. This is often called the happy hormone. Serotonin improves the your mood swings, reduces symptoms of depression and increases the sensation of overall well-being.

Peaches and apricots

These orange colored fruits are extremely high in beta-carotene, a pioneer pigment in vitamin A. This vitamin helps to protect your sight and your skin. It also boosts your immune system and promotes healthy growth.